Dot Day at JTL



Today we celebrate!

…with the world!  International Dot Day is a world-wide movement that inspires kids to make their mark on the lives of others in a positive way.  It is inspired by a story about a little girl who thinks she can’t draw.  Her teacher tells her to simply make a mark- which she does by making a single, angry, dot on the paper.  The teacher asks her to sign it.  The next day in class, she sees her dot in a frame over the teacher’s desk and thinks to herself, ‘gee, I think I can make a better dot than that’.  So begins her odyssey of dot making, until she has a whole wall of really neat dots to hang in her school’s art exhibit.  The book ends with her telling another little boy who thinks HE can’t draw to just start with a mark, and sign it.

Making a Difference…

Our kids got a big introduction to Dot Day, and were encouraged to think of how they, too, can make their mark.  On Dot Day everyone gets to decorate a paper plate (their ‘Dot’) with all the crafting materials we could find.  They are coming out awesome.  When they finish, they are writing down one way they think they can make their mark.  It’s getting kids talking…..

Cleaning up…

As teachers we do everything we can to give kids a fun experience while learning and growing as people.  This particular endeavor has moved the boundary of how far Mercy and I will go to do that.  Wow, what a huge amount of feathers, paper, pipe cleaners, glue, and ribbon!  We’re just glad we kept the glitter in the closet!!

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  1. Dot Day is an awesome, inspirational day! Leaving a mark on the world is something every kid should be inspired to do. I love the book and think it’s great that Art Class is letting kids learn about it.

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